The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is a number issued by each province/territory of Canada to the design of pressure-containing equipment and signifies that its design has been both registered and accepted for use. All boilers, hoses, industrial instrumentation, piping, pressure vessels, and tracing fall under this requirement. DL Flange has products registered for use in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Alberta 0B06383.2
Manitoba 0B06383.24
New Brunswick 0B06383.27
Newfoundland 0B06383.20
Northwest Territories 0B06383.2T
Nova Scotia 0B06383.28
Nunavut 0B06383.2N
Ontario 0B06383.25
Prince Edward Island 0B06383.29
Quebec 0B06383.26
Saskatchewan 0B06383.23
Yukon Territory 0B06383.2Y

ABSA CRN 0B06383.2